UnFun Police

After the 6th Precinct of the Mainport Police Department was shut down and disbanded for rampant corruption, the few good cops went home to their families in shame. But police Sargent Harvey O'Akland had other plans. He rounded up every law abiding police officer, every meter maid, every man woman and child with a badge and gave them a water gun.
Now they all patrol the city in salvaged squad cars looking for crime to stop, and sad people to squirt. They can't protect the city the way they used to but they can protect the hearts of its citizens.

Commissioner Beauregarde considers them a nuisance, and has ordered his officers to arrest them on sight for their own safety.

Power: The ability to arrest people and make the masses of Mainport smile

Kind a Like: Cops with water guns


The Bad Day by Tking

Mainport's Unofficial Police Department (The Unfun Police)
The Best Guys
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