Man with the Hex

Ordinary 9-5 code monkey finds a glitch in his code. After searching for the reason he finds something he did not put there. It was some kind of a message. ''Go to the library and borrow the book called ???'', the name of the book is still unknown, all of the files were deleted after this. When he went to borrow the book he was taken into a solitary room, and locked inside by the library workers. He was there alone, with the book and a light on. He opened the book and started reading it. By the end of the book he went absolutely crazy, when he was released from the room, he right away started killing every single person in the library and later further into the city. He went on a bloody rampage and killed about 780 people in the course of 2 days. When police came to stop him with everything they had, they could not kill him. They managed to contain him for a few weeks but he got away.
By the drawings in his cell, the only desire he has is to kill himself after he saw what was in the book. However, he is indestructible and has not shown any other powers. He now picks fights with the greatest heroes and villains in order to finally die.
It is not known who sent him the message, how or why.

Powers: Indestructible/???

Kind of Like: The Joker and Doomsday

Man with the Hex
Ordinary Human
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