Marque de Sade

A mysterious figure in the underworld of Mainport, The Marquis has his hands in every sultry business in town, from adult theaters to sex clubs, and prostitution rings. He always wears masks and Victorian clubs when working or indulging, and no one has seen his face.

His hero is his namesake, and is in the criminal world solely to finance and enable his unbridled hedonism, as well as making use of his talents for cruelty. He is a ruthless fighter, merciless torturer, and there is no limit to the viciousness he unleashes on his foes and business rivals.

He may be linked to the villainous gang of sociopaths known as The Sade Squad.

Powers: Brilliant planning, connections everywhere, and ruthless sadism, master torturer

Kind of like: A complete hedonist set to indulge in every form of cruelty a creative mind can invent

Marque de Sade
Villainous hedonist
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