Mascara De Metal

Found the Mayan Skull Mask while training to become the best Luchador in the world, after putting it on he could never take it off so he fought all the Luchadors and won, after that he used his newly discovered powers to take on the Gangs and they accepted him as his leader, now doing under the table deals with American terrorists and even said Demons from hell.

Powers: His Mask gives him Super Strength and Agility, his Mask has the ability to set anyone on fire just by doing his taunt, his Lucha Finisher pile-driver can break the necks of even the strongest men on earth; but he can never take it off cause it was cursed by the Mayan Gods, also has an arsenal of military grade weapons and vehicles and his gang is full of the nastiest vatos in all of Mexico.

Kind of like: n/a

Eddie "Mascara De Metal" Hernandez Jr.
Kingpin of the biggest criminal empire in all of Latino America
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