Master Aza'gani

Once long ago there was a boy who dreamed of being a king, who longed to be looked up to and adored. A boy whom the world constantly beat down, a boy who lived nothing but a life of despair. A tormented wretched little thing barely scraping by, that it is until the day he met a peculiar man who went by the name of Aloysius Carne. A man who opened his eyes to this world, and his mind to that which lies beyond. When the man left he told the boy that when he was ready he should seek the one called Madubwana.

From this fateful meeting the boy's life was changed forever, he was gripped with a voracious appetite, an unending hunger to learn. In time he would set off from his village and cross the wilds of Africa. Studying under witch doctors, sorcerers, conjurers and alchemists. But it was not until he delved into the darker arts, the spells of the dead, the craft of Necromancy, that he found his calling. When he felt his power was great enough he set off to find this, madubwana.

He found himself being drawn to the great Sahara desert, where he once again met the man he had known as Aloysius Carne. But now the boy knew his true name, the name he had earned long ago, and he swore loyalty to him there.

Upon becoming a disciple and ally of Madubwana, Aza'gani was taught to refine his necromantic powers, aiding Madubwana in raising an army of the dead. Creating foul beasts to roam the darkest of nights, furthering the plans and goals of his master.

After many years, Aza'gani set off on his own to sow the seeds of discord throughout africa. Having been summoned to Mainport city by dreams of a coming catastrophe he now seeks to aid Madubwana's plans. Bringing his considerable mystic might, and amoral demeanor to the powder keg that is Mainport.

Powers: Power to raise the dead as mindless slaves, mystic might unparalleled in all of botswana

Kind of Like: Baron Mordo


Shark and Sparrow, Chapter 2 by Anonymous

Master Aza'gani
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