Mayan Skull Mask

The mask is the prison of an ancient mayan god, who's name is lost to history as a result of being a forbidden word in both speech and writing.

All of the other mayan gods represent the forces of nature, and, and the duality of their ability to help or harm, but the god within the mask specifically seeks to violate the natural order, and was thus outcast and imprisoned by the other gods.

In Eddie Hernandez jr. the mask has found a simple and pliable host.
his primary desire being strength beyond what a human should have, the mask granted Eddie's wishes in the hope that the fame he would achieve before his death would land him in the hands of a more worthy and thoughtful host.

Powers: allows its user to violate natural law in whatever way they wish. changes appearance to tempt new wearers.

Kind of Like: if the one ring worked like that mirror from harry potter that shows you your desires

Mayan Skull Mask
To it's user
Cursed Artifact
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