Minnie was a thief in the worst part of Mainport living day to day of of the misfortune of others. She was going about her bussiness when she saw another girl walking down the middle of the slums. The girl was attacked by a local street gang. She dispatched all of the attackers effeiciently and brutally. Minnie followed her from the shadows for about a mile before the girl turned around and stared at her. "It took me ten minutes before I could figure out you were following me." Minnie had never been spotted before. She asked the girl her name and if she could be her friend. The girl was Asuka Doe and Minnie Mouse became the first recruit and first student of The Mainport Children's Army. Now the right hand of Ms. Doe she is her eyes and ears in Mainport. Loyal and Vicious are the best words to describe Mini-Gun. As time passes her name makes men twice her age and 3 times her size pause.

Powers: Combat Experience, Multilingual

Kind of like: n/a

Minnie "Mini-Gun" Mouse
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