Miss Fan-Plastic

Sally Combs was a beautician and plastic surgeon who worked on some of the most glamorous supermodels in the world, but she herself was considered far too plain to fulfil her dream of being one herself. She began performing a variety of dangerous plastic surgery procedures on herself to turn herself into the ludicrously busty woman she is today… however her new physique was so outlandish that no modelling agency would hire her. Driven mad by this rejection and claiming everyone was simply jealous of her new "perfect" form, she became Miss Fan-Plastic and spent the rest of her days kidnapping random "poor, ugly creatures" and making them just like her.

Powers: Extremely skilled at plastic surgery, hand to hand combat and boobs.

Kind of Like: Professor Pyg and/or Hush if they were big-titted supermodels.

Miss Fan-Plastic
Psychotic supermodel and plastic surgeon
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