Moverev Bondye

Not much is known of this supernatural being, except that it tends to haunt around voodoo shamans, their followers, and their families when asleep. Some say Moverev Bondye can temporarily paralyze, even kill, its targets through dreams and their live reenactments.
Others have tried to kill it; one instance recounts that Moverev Bondye was seen in a dream, which was had by the same man who slashed and stabbed it to immobility and disposed of it in a swamp.
"I tried to kill it but it just comes back, it doesn't let me leave the heights… I don't know where to go further with this."

Powers: Mind-reading, oneiric creation/manipulation, unlimited consumption, gravity defiance, omnilingual, teleportation (to and from "dream realm" and the underworld, through head)

Kind of like:

Moverev Bondye
Chaotic Neutral
Subconscience amplifier
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