Mr. Big and Mr. Tall

Mr. Big and Mr. Tall where born with a condition, a condition that made them grow and stretch uncontrollably. As little boys they had zero control over their power. Some days they'd be 10 feet tall, sometimes they'd be stuck at 3 inches for months, it was dreadful. But one day, by complete coincidence, they where sent to the same school for disabled children. Meeting another like them made the annoyance much more bearable, and easier to control. Through each other they eventually learned to control their abilities, and many years later now men they realized their oddity could help people, they could become super heroes. They learned martial arts and opened up a bounty hunter business.

Mr. Big (Blue) is a polite and well mannered gentleman. Is a bit of a man child, but because of his good nature most people look through this.

Mr. Tall (Red) is a bit of an introvert. Despite being only a few years older than Big he acts decades older (even having graying hair at 20!). He respects men who respect his space, and when you're feeling down his caring personality surfaces.

Powers: Stretching and martial arts

Kind of Like:

Mr. Big and Mr. Tall
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