Mr. Mahi

"The SPARROW unit is a much needed presence in this city, Commissioner. You're a smart man. We'll all be needing it if this city's to find a good balance one day.”
- Mr. Mahi to Commissioner Beauregarde from Shark and Sparrow Chapter 1

When a Tongan ship was captured by pirates one of the sailors betrayed the crew. He not only became a pirate himself but went up the food chain to become their leader. One by one, he had each of his crew replaced and killed off. His small pirate band in time turned privateer and mercenary. He preferred to run things behind the scenes however, and used his money to acquire dozens of small businesses. At one point, he founded a shipping business through which he began a smuggling operation (which through his underworld connections) monopolized the Pacific. He acquired enough legitimate businesses to form a multi-national conglomerate, MahiCorp, based in Mainport due to the large Islander population there. Despite being able to go completely legit, he continues to oversee his numerous rackets.

He believes that because Commissioner Beauregarde has survived against him so long that he's some kind of friend.

Powers: None, but has an army of lawyers, employees, and criminals to do his dirty work

Kind of like: A mix between the Penguin and the Kingpin had a heavy island influence


MahiCorp; CEO. MahiCorp sees both legitimate and criminally-gained assets running through it's coffers and it's properties often act as staging grounds for Mr. Mahi's numerous misdeeds.

SPARROW unit; Indirectly involved. Donated equipment and funds to kickstart this elite unit.

Mainport's All Girl's Cadet School; Funded jointly with Madubwana. This school teaches girls military knowledge, political tactics and any other training a future warlord could use.


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Mr. Mahi
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