Astra was a trust fund baby, she was born into the obscenely wealthy DeChamp family. Her entire life she had been given everything she asked for, she soon became very bored with her life.
Falling in with a bad crowd she forayed into the worst parts of town. Anything to get a little excitement, she participated in theft and robbery. She also began experimenting with various drugs, until one day a large crystalline mass erupted from her chest. The event so shocked Astra at first that she withdrew to her family's winter cottage in the mountains. It was there that she began to realize what had happened to her, she trained her new found powers until she had total control over them.
Returning to the city she adopted the alias Onyx, due to the deep black color of her crystals, alternating wildly between hero and menace.

Powers: Ability to create black crystalline structures on any part of he body, she can shape these structures into various forms, the 'crystals' are incredibly hard and can be made to be razor sharp

Kind of like: Various self destructive celebrities crossed with Diamondhead

Astra DeChamp aka Onyx
Chaotic Neutral
Super powered heiress looking for a new high
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