Pepito el Chivo

Pepe was just another small time thug, mugging everyday people to get some petty cash. A life full of nothing but bad decisions and costly mistakes. One night he decided to rob a young woman who was traipsing through the slums of Mainport, this would prove to be the worst decision of his pathetic life. The young woman turned out to be none other than Soul Sister, she cursed Pepe and left him to suffer in an alley.
Thinking the worst was over Pepe ran off, only to discover later during a fight, another of his stupid mistakes, that he even though he died he couldn't die. Soul Sister's curse had bonded his soul to his slowly decomposing body.
Now Pepe roams Mainport coming apart little by little, still making stupid mistakes while trying to find someone to cure him from his curse, and the whole being dead thing.

Powers: can use small arms and pocket knives, petty theft, hotwiring cars, Amazingly rotting body

Kind of Like:

Catch phrase: "Oh come on man!"
"Do you really hate me that much god?!?"


Pepe "Pepito el Chivo" Chivarino

Nuetral (only looks out for no.1)
Petty criminal, undead scumbag
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