Piri Piri and The Misses

No one knows were these two come from but they both have a keen interest in the happings of Mainport city. Piri piri is a tempter of souls and is known cause chaos where ever he may be. The Misses keeps her husband in check and may throw the occasional good luck towards a would be hero. Despite their constant bickering, they are still madly in love with each other.

Piri Piri has a suit of indestructible living armor that increases the wearers powers by a hundredfold, he also like to "lose" said armor in th city. Whenever it's found the results always cause mayhem for the heroes and villains of Mainport.

Powers: reality bending god like powers

Kind of Like: If the watcher and Mephistos were a old married couple

Piri piri and The Misses
Neutral Evil and Neutral Good
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