Piri Piri's Demon Armor

Piri Piri, the mischief maker, was bored one day. He had been sowing the seeds of chaos around africa, but he was running out of ideas. He was sitting in tree, in what would be know as nigeria, when he spied a strange man. He skin was as white as milk, and his hair the color of sand, the man traveled with the a horse darker than the night. He carried with him metal objects that shined in the sun.

In his curiosity Piri Piri approached the man in the guise of an old hermit, but to his surprise the man saw through his magic. His curiosity piqued even more Piri Piri revealed his true form and engaged the man in conversation. Learning that this stranger was no mere human, but like Piri Piri a being of untold power, Piri was delighted to have a partner in his merry making. But unlike the mischief maker this stranger was a more nebulous being, his mission in existing more inscrutable than mere order and chaos, his being that of a fulcrum to keep balance.

After hours and hours of friendly discussion, during which Piri Piri told the stranger of his growing boredom, the stranger offered a solution. He had in his possession a set of skills that could make things very interesting for the mischief maker, setting to work the stranger pulled a small satchel from the horse's saddle, from within he pulled an entire blacksmiths forge complete with bellows a great hammer, and various bars of enchanted steel. Piri Piri was amazed at what he saw, the stranger heated half of the bars with the fires of the stars from the very heavens and the other half with flames of hell itself, then he set to them with the hammer. Every strike called a bolt of lightning down and into the molten steel, and after many hours he had crafted for the mischief maker a suit of armor.

It was the most glorious thing Piri Piri had ever seen, it glistened with an earthly glow long after it had been cooled. The stranger then told Piri Piri that armor was a living creature, it had it's own will and it would call to those that wanted power, he could drop it in a strange land and let the people themselves cause their own chaos. The armor would be indestructible, and it would make men stronger than they could ever dream of. Piri Piri asked the stranger what he wanted in return for the armor, but the stranger told him that it was a gift. He told Piri Piri that he had long since been traveling alone, shunned by everyone, but that Piri Piri had approached him and treated him as a friend and that was payment enough. Parting the stranger returned his instruments back into the satchel and left into the wilds, bidding a fond farewell to Piri Piri.

The mischief maker then turned his attention to the armor and the centuries of fun it would bring him.

Powers: Increases the strength and power of the wearer a hundredfold, nearly indestructable but if it is destroyed it will remake itself in time

Kind of Like: The Destroyer

Piri Piri's Demon Armor known as 'Makamai na hallaka'
Whomever wears it
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