Prince Poppycock

A deluded, narcissistic, self important, yet frighteningly charming character making the rounds through mainport's wealthy and elite. Prince Poppycock will charm anyone into his way of thinking and convince them to sign over all they're worth. He would rather deal with those easily swayed than the various supers of mainport, but he does have his run-ins with them. Usually able to charm even the likes of Professor Badass and Techno Viking, but his power holds no sway over Ignorrior, who has put him behind bars many times. But he always charms the police into letting him go.

Powers: Charm, can make you agree with him on any topic that's not life threatening. He uses his powers to bilk money from the rich, hobnob with the rich and famous, and live a life of abject depravity. Beware if you get in the way of his good time.

Kind of like: n/a

Prince Poppycock (no really, that's his name)
Himself (villain)
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