Professor Badass

Later, after calming down from the shock, a black man among the hostages would say, “Shit man, you a badass”
and the Professor, hating himself for saying it, but unable to resist, corrects the man: “that's Professor Badass”
- From Enter: Professor Badass

Professor Badass comes from the future of an altered timeline and has been banished to ours. He now seeks to make the world a better place than the one he left by focusing on the fulcrum of his future's problems, Mainport City.

Powers: Proficient in future technology, but very knowledgeable about the arcane sciences, also kicks a lot of ass. uses a Spell gun of his own design

Kind of Like: If Shaft and Dolemite did the Fusion Dance and knew half of what Reed Richards and Dr Strange did


Enter Professor Badass by LAGUNA
Professor Badass #2: Encounter on the Arabian Sea by LAGUNA
Professor Badass Intermission: Eyes On by LAGUNA
Shark and Sparrow Chapter 3 by Anonymous

The Professor in his study Fanart by whitney cogar
Fanart by biesiuss (P. Badass along with
Techno Viking, Brother Sharp and The Urchin)
Champion of Mainport City: Professor Badass
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