Professor Badass's Spell Gun

A weapon/tool invented by Professor Badass which is capable of reproducing many of the spells that he can cast, without the normal requisite intonations and movements.

The Spell gun functions by recreating the bear minimum of what is needed to produce a controlled ether phenomena (i.e. magic spells) it achieves this through various "shells" which can be inserted into the weapon.
different spells might require words to be spoken (verbal component) specific movements of the arms or body (somatic component), and/or a sample of a specific substance as a catalyst (material component).

The shells contain a tiny pair of mechanical "arms" each bearing a drop of the Professor's blood, which recreate the somatic component of a given spell, as well as a digital recording of the verbal component, which is played via a speaker at the time of casting. the speed at which the words of a verbal component are spoken is irrelevant when casting, so the speaker plays the recording very quickly and is unintelligible when heard. (but the universe understands, which is what counts)

Earlier models of the Spell gun could only hold one shell, and the shell would actually be expended after a single use and require renewal of its ether charge, as well as replacement of expended material components.
The Professor's latest Spell gun model can hold six different shells in a revolver-style rotary, calculates ambient ether levels of the environment to create the raw energy via an ether amplifier, removing the need for artificial ether batteries (the user can reduce the charge time on this process by supplementing with his own ether), and takes only microscopic samples of the material component from a storage chamber in the shell.
All of this means that each shell can be fired dozens of times before needing to be opened and refilled.

Professor Badass's Spell Gun
spell gun.jpgpictured: early model Spell gun
Professor Badass
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