Mainport's most famous popstar and beloved criminal, Psy-le is adored by the public and loathed by the police because he considers the city his stage, and cares not about zoning laws, or the permission of the city or property owners, when making his videos.

He has called in fake bomb threats (later determined to be him talking about how "bomb" the women he had stationed there looked) to the subway system to clear out the trains and stations for his dance numbers. He's broken onto the stage of a production of West Side Story, while it was in progress, and challenged the entire cast to a dance fight, which he won. Countless millions were lost when he broke into the Mainport stock exchange, hijacked every phone and speaker in the building to play his infectious beats, and got every trader on the floor to join him in spontaneous yet highly coordinated dancing. Reports of him breaking into various buildings and dancing are a daily occurrence, which the Mainport police are powerless to stop, especially since the populace loves him and average citizens seem to fall under his charm with ease.

Other crimes include locking up and impersonating a gym teacher, so that he could "teach the next generation to dance," theft of snow machines and subsequent spraying of fake snow over crowded areas, and crashing night clubs across the city. All of his antics end up in his music videos, which are wildly popular across the world.

Some would say he had delusions of grandeur, but he is that grandiose.

All of the police's efforts to stop him have failed, as he's always able to shuffle through them; he's gone before they get there, or he dances away too fast to be caught, or if the officers are attractive and female, they swoon over him and let him go. He is even able his dance moves to alter reality, such as dancing as if he had a horse, then escaping as fast as if he were riding one. Other strange phenomena includes spontaneous explosions and light shows following him, complete invulnerability, and throwing invisible lassos.

Powers: Dancing that seems to alter reality, rhythm, massive levels of charm and charisma, completely unstoppable, irresistible to sexy ladies

Kind of like: If a deranged pop star had the Mask

Psy-le (Pronounced "style")
Colorful Criminal
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