Punch & Judy

Judith Porter was a puppeteer who would put on shows for the children of Mainport. She was fishing through an old pawn-shop's wares when she stumbled on an old puppet that caught her eye. Before knowing why she liked it so much, she bought the thing. Over the following nights, she was plagued by nightmares of some other, unearthly world. It was like Escher and H.R. Giger got together to design a grotesque parody of the venues at which she performed, and in each dream, she was performing, new puppet in hand, for a gaggle of demonic children. At the end of the seventh night, she awoke unable to move her body. Now, the puppet controls her every movement, and when it makes her perform for children, the special ones might have similar dreams. Prof. Badass hopes to find a way to break Punch's control, since Judith, while unable to physically act, has been psychically venturing throughout that same hell she saw in her dreams. She has amassed a great deal of occult power that she cannot yet use, and wants payback against Punch, and to save the children he's infected.

Powers: Judith herself had no power at first just puppeteering skills and a kind heart, but after being enslaved by punch and traveling through a constant nightmare she has amassed occult powers, but as she's still under punch's control she has no way of using them.
Punch has the ability to enslave and control it's owner forcing them to expose others to it's powers, the more he infects with his influence the more powerful he becomes.

Kind of Like: The Ventriloquist

Punch & Judy
Malevolent Puppet & Enslaved Puppeteer
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