Secret of Multimed #1

by tking

"Experiment Two has blended in wonderfully," said the shadowed figure.

"Yes. Its called the Chameleonbot, Roland. And after your meat-bag of a failure with Experiment One, my robotic masterpiece is perfect,"said the female.

Roland laughed, "Your AI is based on the mind of a police officer you killed, and now you're going to kidnap a gangster? Sasha, by the time you perfected the body of your new robot, I've completed Agent Alpha and constructed Mr. Tawes's arm; Louie created the Arachnobot; and rumors are that someone is creating something that could fight Professor Badass! I think they're calling it Dr. Punch…no…Dr. Fist?” He struggled to find the right name. “Dr. Arm. No! No, no, no, it's Dr. Fisticuffs.".

Sasha scoffed, "Those…things are rough draft monstrosities. Mine is a work of art.” She turned from him, talking as if to herself. “Already we have info on the three major players and their weaponry. Now, we can make better weapons than they can and sell them to highest bidder. Now that they know we can make cyborgs soon they'll start paying for implants.”

"None of them have any powers,” said Roland defiantly. “And the guns have been analyzed for weeks.”

The two continued to argue while two figures entered behind them.

One of them was small and groveling. The other…was menacing.

"… sir i promise that my Arachnobots have improved! They'll be more useful to you! I've put the big ones' schematics in the vault, a-a-and the new ones are small enough to fit in your hand! They're capable of hacking independently and they're still capable of deadly force…sir…"

“It was a good idea to move you here, Louie. But it was an even better idea to buy thirty percent of MultiMed. So, Louie, are you using my money…” the figure looked over beyond the two arguing scientists at the panels behind them. “Is that me on the screen?” He covered his face with his shirt sleeve. “Shut off that camera! You'd think the builders of,” he looked over at Sasha, “self-camouflaging robots would know a little more about discretion!” He whispered briefly into a small radio. Security was no doubt on their way. “I'm glad you're all stupid enough to give me plenty of warning if you're going to blackmail me…are you sure you want to try? you may keep that on their theirs nothing, …the second screen why does it have circles on it?".

Roland and Sasha jumped,"Uhhh…uhhh…” he knew his life and career were on the line. “That's not a recordable camera sir, that's part of Experiment One's Eyes. We're teaching it to track targets…sir," said Roland.

“Its reading the points it could fire at to kill,” said Sasha. Not wanting her new boss to think she was threatening him she clumsily added, “Or render you useless…”

Mr. Mahi whispered into the radio and lowered his shirt-sleeve. “I thought your tracking system was a failure…only good for basic security.” None of the scientists said anything. They frankly didn't know what to say. One wrong word and they'd be dead, or worse, fired. “I want you to use that eye in all future projects.” Mahi turned to go.

“Yes sir, of course sir,” said all three in unison.

At the police station:

"Major, MAJOR! We caught those brats again. They were trying to take out some drug dealer. Seven of them…they didn't get very far. Those Cul-de-sac Boys are always a pain. What do you want me to do with them, sir?"

Major Jason DeVillain, or what was left of him, returned to what he called a "normal." Nothing special not above anyone, no powers whatsoever, and not noteworthy of being remembered. These Cul-de-sac Boys were normals too…"leave them in jail for now. When their parents come, let them go, but tell them next time they play vigilante, I'll let Captain Santoros mess them up…and he love vigilantes. Any other 'important' business that you want to bother me with today?"

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