Secret of Multimed #2

by tking

Dr. Fisticuffs was working on completing the casing for the next arm, when suddenly there was a knock on the door.
“Police, open up.”
Fisticuffs opened the door. Outside were 3 officers. Then one said, “Dr. Fisticuffs, we’ve been looking for you.”
“Wait, I thought the tip said the editor was here.”
Then the one that had talked to the doctor moved faster than humanly possible and smashed both of the other officers’ faces in. He jumped back and said into his radio ”Code red, two officers down. Tip was wrong - was not editor, was robot arm gentleman. May be a Doctor Fisticuffs. Come in, send backup.” Then he turned to Fisticuffs and said ”Well, that about wraps it up. Well, I have a job offer you can't refuse. If you do refuse, then I’m gonna run out like I’m scared out of my mind and you’re gonna be hunted. But if you accept, then you will get a job in the deep labs where you get to make your suit. Don't worry, you won't be the only one we've strong armed.”
Fisticuffs knew he had no choice, so he took his fist and left.

Melissa Wark hated her first day for Multimed. One of the best in the field of genetics, she had heard about Mainport: the most dangerous city on Earth. Multimed had sent her a folder full of papers that looked legit; evidence showing that she had been fudging or stealing all her work for years. She didn't have the money or time to fight what would happen if she refused this job. What's worse was that they put her in the basement with the others, probably doing something illegal. When she got to her floor three others were arguing.
”We wouldn’t have found him if I hadn't hacked into the city with my spiderbots,” the short fat male said.
“Ha! Who’s robot is getting him for us? The boss is gonna be more pleased with me,” the only other woman said.
“We wouldn't even know about this guy if I had not heard about parts I needed being bought by some random guy!” the other man was yelling.
They didn't even realize that she was there. Suddenly she was ripped from the ground, and a robotic voice said “Identify yourself or die.”
“Dr.Melissa Wark, geneticist. This is my first day.” She was suddenly dropped and saw the face of the guard - it was a robot?
From behind, the tall man said ”Ah, our newest scientist. Welcome to the family. I see you've met experiment 1. Primarily a failure, but it was the first one. Your job will be primarily to figure out what makes a super human ‘super.’ We have a hundred regular human genes, and the bodies of any deceased super humans that were buried. Also we have blood from super fights. Once you figure out the genes, then you will get to make your own superhuman.”
The woman came from behind and asked, “Do you want to see my newest project? It was pretty easy to get to the brain at the coroner's office, and with all the footage of all the previous bikers it was easy to make a robot of them. Meet the Obsidian Biker.”

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