Secret of multimed #3

​After the five o'clock news a special report came on all over Mainport “to all citizens are you tired of all the villains and vigilantes fighting, your ​Pillan was what humans called a god, unageing, undying, and able to use powers that today would look like the norm in mainport.  when he as a young god there had been many of his kind parents to demigods, the predecessors to today's heroes, builders of many magic objects, and rulers of land, sea, and  sky.  usually pillan found wars fun watching his slaves fight each other was amusing, but there had been three wars that were not funny, the three purges, the battle of atlantis, ragnarok, and the hunting. when we fought at atlantis over a insult about someone's daughter , about ninety percent of us were killed off there were still many pantheons left, but then ragnarok came the time should we rule humans or control them like the slaves they were, but no we had a war and wiped another ninety percent. but the most insulting started with those damn romans fate created the damn spear, the spear of destiny, this was a war between the spear and the gods, at the end last he counted there were about 10 of his people left, monkey king in asia, vulcan last of the roman and greek pantheon somewhere making the best metalwork on earth, coyote was running around what's left of the usa, but pillan after those spanish conquered his territory and killed his neighbor gods , though he still thought it was funny that they thought that the flying serpent would be coming back he and ra had been killed a matter years after he left,  pillan became the travelling god jumping from one empire to another spreading death and chaos.
​Mainport is the funnest place he had been since nazi germany, and now that all the riders were awake his plan was done, the only thing was the first one would not give in and become the rider willingly, until she did that the seal would not break but sending someone after her might help, and if she died then the plan would be put on hold for twenty years till a new one would be old enough.  well if anyone can make it happen then professor badass could.  
​Pillan walked towards the building that if almost anyone else tried to break into then they wouldn't make it farther then the elevator.  The robots were a mere annoyance a few fireballs and all that left was messing with the technomancers elevator, that took him almost half an hour to figure out which of his dark spirits could make this work,  when he got to the bottom he was attacked but he just shrugged it off.  “i'm not here to kill you as much as i love humans dying it would not be fun to kill you, i'm here to make you a deal, well five deals, if you hadn't heard the horsemen ride, but they can’t bring in the end yet, mostly because their powers are sealed, heres the deal you give me the memories of your mother i give you the identity of the second one, you give me the memories of your father i give you the identity of the third one, you give me the memories of your first true love, i give you the identity of the first one one, you give me the memories of your siblings i give you the identity of the fourth one, you give me all your other happy memories of the future i give you location of the spear of destiny one of the few things that can kill an immortal, if they died protecting you or another reason that has put you on the path of hero you will remember that someone important died for you nothing else, so will you take the deal”. Professor Badass looked at the grinning man knowing that this evil creature was making him choose his past or his future he still wasn't sure if this was the event that changed the world his appearance here could've already changed his future or only made it come faster but if this man was telling the truth then he could stop the apocalypse from starting, then sacrificing his memories was a worthy sacrifice.  ”typical hero, fine” as pillan finished speaking then names and faces flashed in his mind, Sonya Bonebrake, female doctor, Julio Farrish, newspaper columnist male, Sonny Sky, pilot male, ​Malachi Jacobson, farmer,  but the worse vision was the spear, a pile of priests, the spear being broken into seven parts, seven boys, a piece of wood instead of backbone in one, a old house, no a doll house, a graveyard, a coffin, a​ name Qalupalik, Dark Angelo, wooden wing, the mayor his brain.  the professor woke up there was a blade on the table and a note that said buy 5, get one free. and the police not being able to do anything.  well here at multimed we feel that to be better prepared, we need to know the thing were fighting, anyone that wants to bring any magical objects, future technology, or if you have super powers we will pay for the item or to study you, one thousand for an object, five thousand if we learn something, and five hundred a month to study you, and now we are selling the first wave of cyber implants police officers get a set free, so that the police can protect you, and those that endanger the public can be stopped. 
​Louie was looking at the pictures that the Arachnobot was still sending pictures, nothing he could actually use to build anything, and with roland moved to do the implants that people bought and a little brainwashing till HE gives the command, and Sasha completing her next ”work of art”, HE won't be happy when he asks what i've been working on all i have to work with is a spy that can only send pictures every hour.  even the other two were farther, the woman had found the gene that Butane use for his fire powers, and the gene that non super humans have that controls muscle memory either is enough to make you a hero,and the man had finished the fist for the other arm, and had designed but not built a armor for the police that was being auctioned off if the police weren't gonna take it.
as obsidian biker roamed the streets he went over his programing.
primary mission: collect dna
secondary mission: attack super humans, steal magic items, collect corpes of any super villain.
specific orders: targets: 
Ermine: Cartilaginous skeleton
Adamant​: durability
chiaroscuro: mental abilities, magic
coke moe: reactions to meth, can another drug be used?
 el tiburon: professor badass super human creation
ignore: regular humans, and heroes with no powers
​   emergency commands: blow up if captured, blow up if main systems fail, blow up if system is hacked or a virus is input, send back up program every thirty seconds, check system every ten seconds.
​This took a matter of milliseconds and he was heading down the road to his first target, the bar that was neutral ground.

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