Short Stories

Mainport Tales

A Blind Date With Crescent by Anonymous
Crescent, The Sade Squad

A Rite Of Passage by Anonymous
All Girl's Cadet School, Double X, Dr. Hotpants, The Bear, White Mask, Others

The Last Day of Kareem Jackson by Anonymous
Boss Negro, Madubwana, Others

The Shadow Inside The Eagle by Anonymous
White Mask, The Hood, Madame Almaz

Shark and Sparrow

Chapter 1 by Anonymous
Commissioner Beauregarde, Captain Santoros, Mr. Mahi, Chief Constable Cocksworth

Chapter 2 by Anonymous
Tooth and Claw, Coke Moe, Boss Negro, Madubwana, Master Aza-gani, Babyface, Blademaster

Chapter 3 by Anonymous
Commissioner Beauregarde, Professor Badass, Arachnobot, Veggie Juan

Secrets of Multimed

#1 by tking
MultiMed, Mr. Mahi, Experiment 2

#2 by tking
Dr. Fisticuffs

#3 by tking

The Bad Day by tking

The Dare by tking

The Challenge by tking
Little miss Bruiser, Fodla, Veggie Juan, Ultimate Champion

Call of the Riders

The First One by tking

The Second One by tking

The Third One by tking

The Deal by tking

Enter Professor Badass

Enter: Professor Badass by LAGUNA
Professor Badass

Professor Badass #2: Encounter on the Arabian Sea by LAGUNA
Professor Badass, Madubwana

Professor Badass Intermission: Eyes On by Laguna
Sightline, Professor Badass, Collective

Bye, Bye Birdie

Part 1 by Honest Age
Techno Viking, Lamassu

Justice Riders

Justice Riders by Anonymous
Black Biker, The Courier, Master Xin'Jo, The Sage of the Streets

Idle Tales

Idle Tales, #1 by Esk
Teen Idle

Conversation Recordings

Conversation Recordings by various authors
Boss Negro, Captain Santoros, Carnevale, Marshal, Mr. Mahi, P.A. Dapper, PETA Peter, Professor Badass, The Sade squad, The Shepherd, Techno Viking, Tooth and Claw

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