Sir Knight Rider

After doing battle with a powerful, evil wizard Sir Rider was flung into the future before he could deliver the final blow. Now with a comical sense of justice, his knightly skills and his new metallic horse with wheels he acquired after delivering justice to an evil bikie gang he patrols the streets for the evil time travelling wizard so he may bring order back to the world while rescuing modern day damsels in distress.

Powers: Being a skilled swordsman amongst other weapon skills and grandiloquent linguist, as well as having "holy" like abilities as a crusader of righteousness i.e; turning the dead, healing wounds and shining shiny holy light

Kind of Like: Ghost Rider meets Sir Launcelot/The Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Sir Knight Rider
Lawful Good
Street vigilante who saves damsels in distress
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