Spike & Shiv

Partners in love and crime, Spike and Shiv are a pair of British-born street-level freelancers, making a living doing jobs for the kind of people that can't afford to get their hands dirty (i.e. rich people who need illegal work done, but aren't necessarily pro criminals). This kind of work usually amounts to disposing of evidence (including bodies), low-level extortion and theft, and even a little kidnapping or wetwork from time to time. Because they put their own survival above all else, they're usually willing to sell their employers out for a price if any kind of authority figure comes calling with questions about their latest job, but since they're also pretty good in a fight, this habit has yet to bite them in the backside too severely.

Powers: None

Kind of Like: Brueghel & Mahler from 'Max Headroom'

Spike & Shiv
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