Strawman was once an environmentally conscious hippy with a love for surfing, bushland and nature, as well as a good friend of he who would later become Wave. On one ill-fated day, a routine protest went horribly wrong: A bushfire began to engulf the very trees he was tied to, and his "friends" were forced to leave him for dead.
Astonishingly, he managed to survive, but became forever melded with the tree and the forces of fire. Naturally, Strawman wanted to get back at his former friends, and commenced a crusade against all of nature.

However, being made entirely of tree matter made him incredibly slow, his progress towards revenge could be best described as lumbering. Despite that, all efforts by firefighters to quell his blaze only seemed to make him stronger, and every day he continues on Sydney just that little bit angrier.

Kind of Like: Human Torch crossed with scarecrow

Powers: Able to manipulate heat around him, but as a consequence, is always at burning temperature.

Strawman, normal
Strawman, flame on
Heat Manipulating "Hero"
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