Techno Viking

"Why hath thou interrupted my merry-making?! Were thou unaware that we were indulging in one of the sickest bass drops to ever grace the ears of Midgard?! Thou hast two options: offer thine apologies and take thy leave or suffer a pummeling from these Nordic fists"
-T. Viking addressing the mysterious Horned Man from Bye, Bye Birdie part 1

The Viking appeared one day on the streets of Mainport during a tumultuous time. Wherever he treads villains know to flee. Forging a partnership with Professor Badass, he too seeks to rid Mainport of the evil that has taken root there.

Powers: Super strength, nearly invulnerable body, near-limitless stamina and endurance, mystical tie to the Norse gods

Kind of Like: Thor and Vikings


Shark and Sparrow Chapter 3 by Anonymous
Bye Bye Birdie part 1 Honest Age
Conversation Recordings #6 with Carnevale, P.A. Dapper, and Professor Badass

Techno Viking
Techno Viking, The Powerful Protector of the People
Ultimate warrior hero
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