Teen Idle

She was heiress to her father's company, until she decided she could do a better job and killed her father, covered up the murder as a suicide, and took over. Her already fragile sanity began to crack after she took hold on the company, and soon after she began offing her competition; using the profits from the company to cover up the murders. But soon afterwards her desire to kill grew to an immense obsession, and now she lures in the innocent to brutally shoot them to pieces.
Teen Idle was head girl in her final year at the School. Instead of someone who lost her sanity gradually, she was always crazy, but was just waiting for the right moment to strike.

She still runs the company, and probably now a high ranking officer in The Children's Army. She also still eats people.

Powers: A fuckton of money, an incredible aim, and a thirst for blood

Kind of Like: Harley Quinn without the obsession with the Joker and the hyenas


Idle Tales, #1 by Esk

Teen Idle
Psychotic Teen With Really Good Aim And A Lot Of Money
Leader of The Children's Army
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