The Bad Day

by tking

Matilda had been having a terrible day. The first thing that went wrong was on her walk to work; there had been this man-boy that had run into her and wouldn't stop staring at her face. Next, when she got to work she found out that there had been a fight - so now she was jobless. Then some kid was thrown right into her, all the kid said was “Don’t worry ma’am, the Cul-de-sac Boys have got this.” The sad thing was that the seven of them were fighting one man - some dealer that lived on her street. Then some woman shot her with a water gun - a water gun. The nerve of her! And the group she called the “Unfun Police.” Well, at least it’s over, she thought. But what was on her door? A baby doll head. If she didn't have enough, she had to put up with some kid leaving their toys around. She opened her door, and entered the kitchen to eat her supper. She must have rushed to fast this morning she had left out a … a steak knife? Weird. Well, might as well heat up leftovers, so she put it in the microwave and went to change. As she opened the door, the last thing she saw was a knife and the man-boy in a mask.

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