The Belvair Twins

"You're Ms. Belvair? I heard you were good…but I doubt you're good enough to get away with shooting me in my own restaurant."
"I might not be…but I know someone who is."
*Ms.Belvair #2 takes the target out with a sniper as Ms.Belvair #1 calmly leaves her table as the restaurant panics.*

A pair of Twin assassin's who are thought to be one person, a belief they exploit to the fullest. They are highly sought out due to their efficiency, and that they get the job done. They have never been seen together in public, though they employ disguises to keep the truth about the secret.

Powers: Believed to be only one person known as Ms. Belvair, the twins use this to their tactical advantage to literally be in two different places at the same time.

Kind of Like: Dee Dee from Batman Beyond- but with sophisticated.

The Belvair Twins
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