The Calvanist

A pious child, The Calvanist was perhaps a bit too trusting of his local bishop when he was young.

When he eventually discovered the biblical passages regarding homosexuality, and realized the relation to what he and the bishop did during their "private prayers", his conflict and anguish ignited in him a new-found power.

Seeing that the bishop was bound for hell regardless, the newly reborn Calvanist murdered his rapist, then set about a mission to purify Mainport.

He cares not if his victim's sins are in their past or future, and he refuses to kill even a bad person who is bound for heaven, not daring to prevent the reformation of a soul.
time travelers are extremely confusing to his powers.

Powers: Can see all your sins, and whether you are predestined to go to heaven or hell

Kind of Like: If the punisher killed people before they did anything wrong. (and was creepy/cheerful)

depends on whether his power is real or if he's crazy
religious fanatic
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