The challenge

​little miss bruser and fodla were heading back from patrolling the city neither of them were happy because the worst crime they had stopped today was an old lady getting her purse stolen. as they walked to the entrance of the professors base they noticed that that the robots were all over the walkway and then they saw the body they turned it over it was made of veggies and the limbs were thrown all over, it was juan, suddenly his eyes popped open and he screamed, as soon as they calmed him down he said ”she came and started to destroy all the security as soon as she dispatched she said into the camera that if we thought that that would stop her we were mistaken, and that if no one came out she would come in as i was the only one home and i came out and told her that as soon as she saw me she asked if i had regenerative properties since i looked like a plan as soon as i said yes she charged she didn't even listen that it would take months to regrow body parts, and look she ripped off all my limbs, she was equal in strength and speed but she used some fighting style and took me out…. she wrote a note on the wall behind you” they turned around and it said to all challengers till midnight i will be at the old training gym on 35th street signed the champ. 
 ​before they got there they decided that, or bruser  decided and got the point that fodla would go first against “the champ”.  the champ was in the ring when they entered she was at least seven feet tall and looked asian, she asked “who’s first or both at the same time against me” fodla ran at the champ and faster than they were expecting the champ got fodla into a sleeper hold and fodla passed out when she couldn't escape.  “unlike the veggie man i had heard about you two a former staff fighter that paralyzed her opponent and ran to be a hero, and the time lost berserker.  i knew i would be at a disadvantage if the fight lasted a long time so knocking her out was my best guess at defeating her, now i guess that its your turn” she stomped and bruser fell backwards and the champ was nabout to piledrive her but she used her barbel to throw the champ at a wall, when the champ landed on the street outside she hit a sparrow prisoner van and out the back a rotting figure ran away and four officers surrounded the champ and she stomped and the police lost balance for long enough for her to jump to a nearby roof. “we’ll have to call this a draw, next time we find out who’s better, i'm the ultimate champ” she yelled as she ran away.

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