The Dare

by tking

Bobby was wishing that he would have chosen truth instead of dare. He had heard about this house - the murders, chopped up, piled on top of each other, dolls lain in front. Why do I have to stay in the house all night? he thought as he entered the door. A half hour later, he had only moved to the living room in all that time. Suddenly he heard the door open. A beautiful girl came through the front door.
“Hey, hey you got dared too. Hey, let’s go see the doll house.” She laughed eerily.
“No no, if we do that we will be killed. Don't you know about all the power people in town? Who’s to say that the spirit isn’t real too?” Bobby whined.
“Well then, see you in the morn- hey, there's the dollhouse. It’s in the closet behind you,” she said. As he turned he suddenly felt his legs give out - or, to term it properly, they were cut off. A few seconds later his arms joined his legs, detached from his torso. The girl rolled him over holding a meat cleaver.
“Ahhhhh, no one wants to play with a scaredy cat. If you had played ‘explore the house,’ then you would have lasted much longer. Well, hopefully my next playmate will be more up to it,” she said as she brought down the cleaver.

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