The Deva

A graduate and survivor Mainport's All Girl's Cadet School. Deva's high scores and ability to adapt to situations singled her out, she was inducted into a program meant to improve on the natural abilities of the best and brightest students.
After graduating she set off on her own becoming a highly sought out assassin and mercenary, using her looks to catch targets of guard. But her conscience caught up to her, and she found that she couldn't stomach murder as a career anymore and vanished for two decades.
Returning to Mainport she has tried to keep a low profile, but the rampant crime and injustice has begun to stir something within her.

Powers: Expert marksman, superb hand to hand combat skills, bionic implants throughout her body grant her above average speed and reflexes, Implants also allow her to "call" her weapons from her armory into her hands, decelerated aging due to experiments performed on her

Kind of Like: Silver Sable, mockingbird, and kang, with the looks of Lana Turner or Rita heyworth, and the attitude of Myrna Loy

"Duchess" Evangenlina Valencia Armoria, or better known as the Deva
Former gun for hire
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