The Disciples

During one of Professor Badass experiments his lab was attacked by a group in the employ of Mr. Mahi, sent to destroy the lab and the Professor. During the skirmish, in which Professor Badass showed his assailants just why his name is Professor Badass, a group of young men appeared through a tear in time caused by the experiment.

Aiding Professor Badass in dispatching his foes they then helped themselves to a few of his inventions as payment for their services before running off into the night. Professor Badass has opted to keep tabs on these young men as he suspects that there may be more to them than meets the eye.

The Disciples as they like to be called have set up shop in one of the worst neighborhoods in Mainport City, dealing out justice to those who would harm the people under their protection.

Powers: Advanced technology liberated from the labs of Professor Badass, Jive talking, knowledge of weaponry from different eras, Proficient in the arts of ass kicking

Kind of Like:

The Disciples
Time displaced Ne'er-do-wells
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