The Displaced

Hernan Tulipa worked in a small clockshop somewhere in Europe. He wascaught in the path of the powerful force known as Mirror Man.
He was not one of the people who It wanted dead, but one of the customers that was in his shop at the moment. A negro man in black clothes. When MIrror Man burst trough the glass of the big pendulum clock that hanged in the wall, one tiny little piece of glass, coming from the creature itself, cracked and went trough his eye (so the sunglasses), penetrating in his skull. He lost the consciousness.

When he woke up, he noticed that his counsciousness and his body were sepparated. It felt like his mind was living between three and four seconds downstream. But his body was still anchored to the usual flow of time. His body did things because his counsciousness had already did it three seconds on the future. He couldn't predict the future. He lived in it. With time, he noticed that he could move his counsciousness further in the flow of time, up to some minutes. He could "travel" into the future. It felt like pusing a big wall of wood in his mind. It could curve a little, but he couldn't really break It.
He wanted to be free of time and let his consciousness fly in the flow of time.

He began to earn his life taking bets in horse races, guessing who the winner would be. Small amounts at a time, so not to be suspicious, and moving from one country to the other. When he arrived to the Big Mainport Annual Derby, he felt different. He could push further than ever his perception of time. The wooden wall hadn't broken, but it was loose. He knew something, or somebody, was the cause for this change. He decided to stay in Mainport, lay low, and find the man (or thing) that was doing that.

Powers: conscience displaced in time

Kind of like: Well, you could throw Dr.Manhattan, but only the aspect of how he feels time, although a bit different.

Hernan Tulipa or as he calls sometimes himself, "The displaced"
Neutral, he likes to help people, as long as it doesn't put him in danger
Collateral damage of superior force
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