The Ermine

Dahlia L'Trimm's unique genetic disorder (adult-onset-osteofloppification) ruined her modeling career. She turned to crime to keep herself in haute couture and expensive drugs. Although she's good at being stealthy, she's terrible at being sneaky - it's as though she can't grasp that what she's doing is wrong, so she doesn't lie about it. She also gives up if she's outmatched or if the heist is taking too long. However, as part of the right team, the Ermine is an invaluable asset.

Powers: Cartilaginous skeleton allows her to fit through spaces inaccessible to normal humans. She's a natural at codebreaking and being sneaky, and has a couple moves in a fight but nothing much good against a trained fighter or super-opponent.

Kind of Like: Catwoman plus Ragdoll

The Ermine
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