The First One

One of the best doctors in town, while working at a free clinic on her free time a mister phil villen, gave her one of four prizes, as soon as she got on it the first one awoke and she sneezed on a hobo causing the hobo group to be wiped out.
ancient power

Powers: A living pestilence has every sickness know to mankind and thousands they doesn't, when in human form is a doctor with miraculous ability to heal(no healing powers at first but now may be able to absorb the sickness, not wounds), her white mustang cruiser motorcycle, may be summoned at her will but once on it the first one takes over if she's not careful, ability to sense where her "brothers" are.

Kind of like: N/A

Sonya Bonebrake, The First One
evil by nature, but trying to be good
ancient power
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