The Fish

"blub blub blub"
Once a young man with a dream of being a police officer for the fine city of Mainport. But all that came to a tragic end when, during a routine investigation, he was caught in an explosion at a haunted aquarium he was imbued with amazing-ish power. Gaining the ability to breath underwater and sort of speak to fish, The Fish was born. Also his head may actually be a fish.
Spending almost a year underwater training with the fish kung-fu masters, the Fish returned to help stem the tide of supervillany, only to get laughed at by other "heroes".

Finding a group of like minded individuals they decided to form a team. Now The Fish leads the oblivious Ignorrior, the boundless Bubbles, the terrifying Trumpet, and the chilling Cirnope as The Victory Squad! saved from being the worst heroes in Mainport by virtue of not being The Cul-de-sac Boys, Ex-Ray nor Mr. Cool Ice. Those last two have repeatedly asked The Fish to let them join only to be ignored by the Ignorrior, she's really good at that.

Powers: Fish kung-fu. Lots of slapping. Can breath underwater

Kind of Like: Sherlock Holmes. Superfriends Aquaman

The Fish
Underwater Karate detective
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