The Hood

"My prize. For two millenia, Roman aristocracy carefully preserved these in manor houses and museums. In 1939, the Italian government commemorated it's alliance to Germany by offering three golden eagles to Adolf Hitler, which once topped the standards of Julius Caesar's armies in Gaul…"
- The Hood to White Mask in The Shadow Inside The Eagle

Little is know about the hood, name, sex, motivations all unknown. The Hood has been known to work for villains but always for a large price. When stealing for itself, little can be done to link the objects to one another and adds more to the cloud of shadows obscuring the Hood. Has the ability to sink into shadows and appear in other shadows within sight. Also uses a full belt of gadgets.

Powers: Can Shadow melt, and travel through shadows, gadget user

Kinda like: n / a


Mainport Tales: The Shadow Inside The Eagle by Anonymous

The Hood
Mystic Thief
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