The Maw

Moira McIntyre was a young lab tech, working at a MahiCorp genetics lab, during a sudden earthquake she was exposed to a genetic mishmash that was cooked up by the resident mad scientist. She was rushed into quarantine by the biohazard unit where she was to be detained until they could figure out what she was doused with.
During the same quake the containment unit of a failed experiment was damaged, allowing the amorphous life-form to escape and run amok. The creature devoured everyone it encountered, but it soon found it's self falling apart. It being incapable of sustaining itself without bonding to another living creature.
Finding Moira, it engulfed her, fused with her until they were of one mind. Now they wander the streets at night devouring those hapless souls who have the misfortune of crossing their path.

Powers: Wrapped in a living symbiotic metamorphic being, it can take on a variety of shapes from clothing to weapons to monstrous creatures, but it must be fed regularly to keep it alive.

Kind of like: Symbiotes

The Maw
Ravenous Devourer
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