The Mean Green Five

The Mean Green five all met on the green, forming a bond over golf. Soon after becoming close, they decide to go to a bar on the wrong side of town. When one gets hassled by a homeless man, he flips out on him and beats him with a golf club. The others end up joining in. Their bond strengthens through every violent act they commit against someone.

In their final form, they stack up to form a large golf club with the power of five men holding their own golf clubs.

Members: Tad Bennington, Charles Mumford the III, Houser E. Willimet, Franklin Delacroix, and Jacob Marley. Though these may not be their real names only aliases.

Powers: They are skilled in hitting golf balls into people's faces.

Kind of Like: Nouveau Riche douche bags who get all the girls and everyone loves them.

Fan art by Anon
The Mean Green Five
Rich, ruthless geniuses who just do things to see people suffer
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