The Mirror Man

Presumably, the Mirror Man has always been in Mainport. No one knows for sure. He disappears for months, years at a time, and then will resurface - to murder one individual, or to clear out a building that he has claimed as 'his'. None are sure why. He clearly has a plan; nothing will stop him from performing it, but the details thereof are so needlessly complex that it's anyone's guess as to what it entails.

Powers: A packet of consciousness in a human-shaped bit of shattered space. Very durable; can 'reform' self if broken. Can teleport via 'walking through' mirrors. Impressive, though not devastating, strength. Sharp edges.

Kind of like: If Jason Voorhes was working at an indescribably vast and ancient plot instead of murdering horny kids.

Fanart by Anon
The Mirror Man
Beyond such petty concepts as 'good' and 'evil'.
Homonid abomination
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