The Queen of Pain

The leader of the Wasthounds, a violent and brutal band of highway bandits, the Queen of Pain is one of the most feared people in Australia. Nobody knows who she was before taking control of the gang, but most believe she was one of many people displaced from the Mainport slum now known as Hydrogen Heights, so called due to an explosion at a local fusion plant severely damaged a large swath of cityscape. She and her crew now prowl the disused roads just outside Mainport, preying on any vehicle foolish enough to try and stray off the corporate-secured (and tolled) super-highways running in and out of the city. A sizable bounty has supposedly been placed on her head, but so far no one has been brave enough to try and claim it.

Powers: High pain tolerance, forceful personality, bloodlust.

Kind of Like: Female Lord Humungus, sans hockey mask.

Queen of Pain
Gang Leader
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