The Sade Squad

There's a certain secret society in New England that practically worships the Marquis de Sade. Members are of the elite of New English society and membership is passed down from generation to generation. Cutter, Skinner, Tanner, and Dwayne all knew each other growing up and were kind of unstable. In college, Skinner figured that the best way to torture his own parents would be to forsake the future his parents gave him. He convinced his friends to join him in the military where they committed numerous war crimes without anyone becoming the wiser. When a commander came across one of their "activities" they were discharged (honorably due to connections) but chose to continue their activities. Now they work as a "torture-for-hire" mercenary group that acts as a deterrent in gang-wars. If the Sade Squad is on your ass, you best fake your own death.

It's rumored that Skinner and Crescent may have some type of relationship.

Powers: Military skills and expert knowledge of human anatomy

Kind of Like: If the Irish Mercenaries from Sin City were into BDSM

The Sade Squad
Criminal Mercenaries
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