The Second One

Sonny was the best scrapper in his town and any group he was in always won fights, no one was surprised when he joined the military but what surprised them is that he became a Tuskeegee Airmen. his last mission something went wrong and a nazi spell-casters spell went wrong and accounts form the air man that survived the all that was left were dead bodies and a hole in the ground, unknown was that one nazi, a private lan that got up and left the battlefield. sonny and his plane and the few nazis that where inside vehicles where transported to the present and sonny took off searching for the others he sensed.

Powers: ability to make anyone around him fight, equal in strength to any one he fights, Invulnerability, his mustang red tail can take off from anywhere, and never runs out of bullets, ability to sense his "brothers".

Kind of like: N/A

Sonny Sky, The Second One
Evil by nature
Ancient Power
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