The Shark Family

Bright faced inventor Bobby Matterson had a good life, and was the most popular genius in Sydney. Kitchen cleaning housewife Patty Matterson was content with her morning show fame as a recipe queen. Popular teenage pupil Debbie Patterson was the best cheerleader in her school, all the boys would drool. All the attention was focused on the Matterson Family in Sydney's local communities. That all changed when Slade "Wave" Jackson stole the spotlight. No one wanted to hear about the GENIUS creations that Bobby slaved away to invent. Patty's recipes were yesterday's news after Slade's vegetarian surfer mentality infected the soccer mums and cooking clubs. Debbie was a no body after all the girls wanted to kiss Slade and all the boys wanted to be like him.

After months of anguish of being out of the spotlight, Bobby had an idea, no, an IDEAL. He would don the form surfers across all nations feared, the fearsome SHARK!

Now his family and his genius gadgets have been put to the use of crime and bringing down Wave and his do-good followers. The Matterson family was yesterday's news, now the SHARK FAMILY WILL TAKE THE SPOTLIGHT!

May be funded by Mr.Mahi.

Powers: Lots of shark themed gadgets

Kind of Like: Mr Freeze, only instead of ice puns and ice gadgets it's shark puns and shark gadgets

The Shark Family
Gadget based criminals
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