The Third One

A corrupt food critic, he bought his car form a overly happy car salesman Phil Lan and as soon as he started the car he got so hungry, unluckily for him the store we went to had no good food because he had made it rot on his way back to car he saw a street urchin try to steal his car and got turned to dust while his accomplice was grabbed and turned to dust while pleading that julio call the police.

Powers: Rots any food or drink around him(except for alcohol and oil these things severely reduce the rotting), in his ferrari if he turn the car on his powers activate if he turns the on again they turn off, his car can protect it self copying the rotting power of its master, his powers don't work on humans, except if he touches you, if he does you have seconds before you turn to dust to escape.

Kind of like:

Julio Farrish, The Third One
Ancient Power
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