The Word

Lucy Zaph was a reporter, she loved to be in the thick of things getting a story. One day acting on a tip she snuck into a secret lab operating out of an office building, the lab was owned and operated by one of MahiCorp's dummy corporations. While investigating through their files, she was found by security. During her escape she was crashed into shelf containing a series of vials, which broke and spilled their contents onto her. She managed to escape and make her way home.
After showering she decided to lie down and rest, waking up hours later to find her skin had changed into a flexible white sheath, she panicked. Placing her hand on a news paper she was amazed when the text was absorbed into her and and appeared on her new skin, instantly knowing every bit of information that was contained within the newspaper, without having read it. She also finds that her new 'skin' is resistant to heat and cold, so she forgoes the need for clothing, instead opting to run around as is in order to know what words are on her.
She realized that whatever words appear on her body dictate the powers she possessed when the words super, speed, and flight, appeared and she found that she could move at amazing speed and soar through the air. But she found that she could not change her appearance back to normal. Deciding to use her powers for good she hit Mainport's streets, as the hero known as the word, though she does

Powers: Ever since she was covered in chemicals her skin has turned into a chalk white sheathe as such she has no need for clothing, any printed text she touches (books, magazines, comics, newspapers etc.) get's absorbed into her giving her the knowledge contained within, any word that appears on her 'skin' dictates what powers she has be they nouns, verbs or adjectives. If the word strong is on her she becomes stronger, speed she becomes faster, if she has super her abilities become supercharged etc., the words change randomly across her 'skin'

Kind of like: Spinner from the initiative except the powers only last as long as the word remains on her skin

The Word
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